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At Shetaban Logistics, we try our best to bring higher living standards for our society. By carrying millions of tonnes of cargo through our logistic services and international shipment, our attempt contributes to the wellness of Iranian people and beyond.


01. Road Freight

  1. Shetaban specializes in refrigerated truck transport. With a record of more than 40 MT of shipped cargo, we are here to serve you.

02. Issuance of The Bill of Lading

  1. With 34 active offices all over the country and counting, Shetaban is ready to issue your bill of lading as fast as possible.

03. B2B Contract of Carriage

  1. Shetaban is ready to conclude long-term contracts with a specified SLA. We guarantee to carry your cargo with maximum safety on time.

04. Warehouse Delivery and Capillary Distribution 

This service includes carriers of 6 tons specifically designed to fulfill our customers’ warehouse delivery and capillary distribution needs.


  Reliable Solutions For Logistics


Shetaban Logistics Company with more than 10 years of experience, a record of more than 40 MT carried cargo, and traveling above 50 million kilometers brings you reliable logistics solutions. 


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    By having the largest refrigerated and milk transportation fleet in the country, Shetaban Logistics Company is here to serve you. Our consultants are ready to answer all of your questions. You can send us your questions via the application below. In case you need it, you can call us too: +98 021-88545236-7

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